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Supported order comments

Last revision: Mar 03, 2019

Order comments are useful to leave when you have specific requests.

Sample uses:

  • Comment: "Upon order completion prepare my money for withdrawal."
    This saves time in advance and lets us process upcoming withdrawal faster.
  • Comment: "If my limit order isn't filled in 5 days, buy/sell at market price."
    This is convenient for the user, because the order will be completed no matter the market conditions.
  • Comment: "Contact me before buying/selling to make sure i agree to the price."
    We will send an email with the price before proceeding and will complete the order only after your confirmation.
  • Comment: "Cancel my order if it doesn't get filled in 3 days."
    This will save time as you wont need to login again and cancel the order after 3 days.

We will be able to accomodate various similar comments which are clear and reasonable. If we cannot process the order according to the comment left, we will immediately inform you via email.

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