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How are orders processed?

Last revision: Mar 10, 2020

Working hours

Kaiserex processes new orders Monday to Sunday from 8:00 to 18:00 GMT +2.

We review your order details within 1-2 hours during our working hours and proceed accordingly.

Video explaining how Kaiserex exchange works

Market order

Market order means you want to buy/sell a cryptocurrency at current market price and as fast as possible. If you place a market buy or sell order of an altcoin(difficult to quickly transact from cold storage) like GRIN on Friday 19:00 GMT +2, most likely it will be processed on Saturday. Choosing market order means we will process your order in maximum 24 hours.

If a market order is placed we immediately go to the biggest cryptocurrency markets and fulfill it. When the order is fulfilled we will send an email with the details of the purchase and your current balance. Market orders are more likely to be processed at higher prices comparing to Limit and Based on Time orders.

Risk disclosure

Kaiserex as a premium exchange looks for the best price/risk ratio to buy or sell cryptocurrencies in the market. We have partnerships with dozens of exchanges and individuals. When you want to buy or sell a cryptocurrency we usually have to send your money to an exchange which is suppose to be reliable and has the best price. Since we are forced to rely on other exchanges we can not take responsibility for their actions and conduct. In the event of partner exchange hack/theft Kaiserex will provide proof of missing money and assist in legal action to try to recover missing money. Kaiserex will not reimburse or pay for any losses incurred.

During our operations we do strict due diligence on exchanges and try to keep money with them for very short periods of time. However our business nature forces us to use other companies which we have no control of and we have to hold part of our clients’ money with them.


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