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CRYPTO5 is an indice or an investment portfolio which is made from the top 5 most promising cryptocurrencies today These top 5 currencies were chosen by Kaiserex researchers during the year 2015.
You can find out more about the reasoning behind CRYPTO5 on Why CRYPTO5 is a good decision. Find out more in our FAQ section.

In a few easy steps you can buy or sell CRYPTO5 on our website If you are not a client already, you will need to register and upload your id - this usually takes less than 5 minutes.
Then deposit money with Bitcoins or Bankwire. Bitcoin deposits usually take 1 hour, SEPA bankwire deposits 1 business day, international bankwire deposits 2-5 business days.
Before buying and selling we highly recommend enabling 2nd factor authentication and reading our FAQ.

More details about CRYPTO5 indice What is CRYPTO5

Who we are

Cryptographic currencies pioneers

In a rapidly evolving crypto market it is necessary to be closely involved with developers, marketers and other cryptocurrency pioneers. We have close relationships with all major upcoming cryptocurrency experts, bitcoin self-made millionaires, and some of the best technology gurus in this field.

Investment consultants

Without question, the cryptocurrency industry is very young and presents huge opportunities as well as risks. We work with investment professionals on diversifying, evaluating and minimizing the risks involved.


Keeping your cryptocurrency safe is crucial. Without taking precautions, you leave your currency vulnerable to viruses and phishing applications on your computer. Our team includes a world-renowned security expert who has implemented cold storage solutions to keep your currency safe.

What we believe


Enabling ordinary people to invest in the upcoming new age of currency by providing a transparent and reliable platform that eliminates the need to be a technical expert or analyze vast amounts of data.


We see a world where every person has equal access to financial services and financial instruments, where everyone gets paid fairly based on their own contribution, where services are transparent and responsive, and where blockchain technology plays a crucial role in the process.


Our goal is to be the most informed and intelligent company within the crypto currency world and to use that knowledge to enable our clients and ourselves to make huge profits.

Our Services

We provide personalized, premium services to our clients

  • Consultation services for investing in cryptocurrencies

  • CRYPTO5 - most promising future cryptocurrencies - indice distribution

At Kaiserex our clients are treated like Royalty

We work extremely fast, require minimum identification to comply with KYC and AML policies and deliver exceptionally comprehensive results.

Supported payments, cryptocurrencies and
  • Bankwire exchange
  • Bitcoin exchange
  • Cash exchange
  • Ethereum exchange
  • Monero exchange
  • Factom exchange
  • Maidsafe exchange
  • Moneygram exchange
  • OK pay exchange
  • Payza exchange
  • Paypal exchange
  • Paysera exchange
  • Perfect money exchange
  • Webmoney exchange
  • Western Unione exchange