Why CRYPTO5 is a good decision?
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Why CRYPTO5 is a good decision?

Last Revision: August 17, 2016

Quality of any decision depends on circumstances and the reasoning behind it. The same great decision for one person can result in a tragic decision for the other.

If you have already decided that you would like to invest in cryptocurrencies, choosing CRYPTO5 could be a great option.


We have done extensive research for over 2 years on many different levels to analyze which cryptocurrencies have the best chance to become huge.

Our cryptocurrency picks are not based on throwing a dice or choosing short sighted criteria like: “good technology or good team”. We chose three fundamental criteria to look for: fairness, disruptiveness and global application.

Fairness – we believe that if you want the world to follow and adopt a technology with their hands open you have to be fair. The age of overpriced banking services is coming to an end and blockchain technologies are all about decentralization and fair usage to all the parties. So, if a huge part of a cryptocurrency is held by a corporation this does not pass this criteria (like Ripple) or if 50% of the currency was premined during first 48 hours (like Dash).

Disruptiveness – in order to gain great value technology has to be disruptive – it means it has to fundamentally change how certain things are currently done due to better efficiency, better cost or other reasons.

Global application – for a currency to dramatically increase in value its demand has to increase equally. This has the best chance to happen when the whole world is a potential client – not just a single country, company or some other party.

Other criteria varies greatly, from having a strong team leader to having brilliant programmers in the team, and we chose to diversify these non-fundamental criteria in order to have a good chance of choosing the next “Google” or “Microsoft”.

More about the reasoning behind individual currencies:


Fair – no premine or instamine, distributed fairly.

Disruptive – a new way for the world to transact money.

Global application – scaleable and available everywhere where internet is available.

Other strengths: Global adoption, first one in the market.


Fair – sold during crowdsales in early development, share kept for development is transparent, mining conditions equal to everyone.

Disruptive – a new way for the world to create smart contracts for insurance, rentals, legacy testaments, etc.

Global application – scalable, transacting is faster than bitcoin, useful for majority of industries.

Other strengths: Global adoption, first one in the market, already supported by Microsoft, IBM and Samsung


Fair – distributed via crowdsales in early development, 90% of the currency is left when mining/farming starts.

Disruptive – a new way for the world to store data.

Global application – anyone who has the need to store data and internet connection could use this service.

Other strengths: Strong team with commitment to deliver, first one in the market with such model.

Weaknesses: It is not a finished product yet – early development stage.


Fair – no premine or instamine, distributed fairly.

Disruptive – offers the world a way to transact money with true anonymity. In comparison bitcoin, which can be tracked in some scenarios and someone may always know how much money you have and whom you transact with.

Global application – freedom to privately transact money and to keep your wallet balance private is a virtue valued across the globe.

Other strengths: Core team is very committed to keeping the currency absolutely anonymous on the technical side and choosing the harder path to develop a worthy product, rather than pleasing everyone in the short term.


Fair - distributed via crowdsales in early development.

Disruptive – a new, better way to verify authenticity of data using bitcoin blockchain and a sidechain.

Global application – their solution can be used in any situation where someone needs to verify if data is authentic and in the current IT world this happens extremely frequently. It can be used in presidential election, money transactions, medical, real estate records, etc.

Other strengths: Team members are very active in signing deals with corporations, cooperating with governments and presenting their product to the right players. Already working with Ancun Zhengxin's, iSoftStone, China‘s government, etc.

Lastly our own funds are invested in the same CRYPTO5 indice we are offering to our clients – so we are convinced enough to put our own money behind it.

We recommend to continue your self-education in our section about Investment risks and Investment potential.

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