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What is CRYPTO5?

Last Revision: November 19, 2016

CRYPTO5 is an indice or an investment portfolio made from the top 5 most promising cryptocurrencies today

1 CRYPTO5 unit is made from:


Today 1 CRYPTO5 unit costs roughly: 7515.54EUR

By buying one CRYPTO5 unit, you automatically acquire all the currencies mentioned above. Buying CRYPTO5 is similar to investing in any industries strongest players, for example with IT it would be similar to buying the strongest IT companies in 1980s.

Distribution of CRYPTO5 indice in EUR between individual currencies

CRYPTO5 individual currencies

  • Bitcoin – first and most widely adopted cryptocurrency today.
    * Stats: Current price: 1800.70533832EUR. Market cap: 10.5 billion USD. Available units: 15,767,052. Total units: 21 million.
  • Ethereum – most widely adopted programmable cryptocurrency with smart contracts, this next generation blockchain technology already supported by Microsoft, Samsung and many others.
    * Stats: Current price: 137.232919696EUR. Market cap: 918 million USD. Available units: 82,137,170. Total units: 162,457,825 predicted at 2020 and 760,734,691 at year 2065.
  • Maidsafe – a blockchain solution to rent out your hard drive space to other users who need it. Could replace the whole system of how data on internet is stored today. Early development stage, strong core team.
    * Stats: Current price: 0.297473159976EUR. Market cap: 33 million USD. Available units: 452,552,412. Total units: 4.3 billion.
  • Monero - a truly anonymous and untraceable cryptocurrency, we consider it the best available today.
    * Stats: Current price: 29.8458333104EUR. Market cap: 23 million USD. Available units: 12,441,474. Total units: 18.4 million coins in 8 years and then less than 1% infinite inflation.
  • Factom – a solution to verify authenticity of data like medical records, notary records, bankwire transactions etc. Strong team, already signing deals with corporations.
    * Stats: Current price: 9.8849574272EUR. Market cap: 13 million USD. Available units: 8,753,219 FCT. Total units: 876,000 units added to the total supply yearly.

If you would like to know more about the reasoning behind CRYPTO5 continue to: Why CRYPTO5 is a good decision?

* Stats may change significantly. Provided information was accurate on the last revision date mentioned at the top of the page. You may want to check a third party website like: Coinmarketcap.com for more up to date information.

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